Minna Hyon

Philadelphia, PA

As events lead at CIC Philadelphia, Minna develops and manages the supplementary programming which differentiates CIC, including events and office hours, often partnering with Quorum and Venture Cafe. She also manages all social media and enjoys bringing in elements of videography to her projects, such as the CIC Philly Walk Through Video. Minna enjoys working with her team at CIC Philly to bring value and excitement to the space through events, such as workshops, creative’s day, and networking events. Before joining CIC, Minna worked as a social media videographer at an international sneaker and lifestyle company. A self taught videographer, Minna originally started as an operations specialist, and was able to eventually transition into the social media team. She produced and coordinated digital campaigns for multiple brands during her time there. Minna graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in business management. Her passions are fashion, sneakers, and media.