Fort Wayne, IN

Current Organizers

Caleb Dutcher

I am a young Commercial Insurance Professional looking to connect and grow with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Rich Hoppe

I am here to help those in need of advice, guidance, and I promise to motivate those I meet in a positive manor. I own and operate The Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark, a 501c3 Non-profit & Security Source Plus.

John Richards

I am a resourceful, clever, entrepreneurially minded professional that thrives in environments where rapid change and problem-solving are the norms. Lets Engage!

Rowan Greene

Rowan Greene wears many hats in life from a street performer to a food Justice advocate. When he's not in Fort Wayne working on our food system you can find him traveling the world as a presenter at education conventions.

Leesa Ackermann

I am a professional Patient Advocate. I am your voice, educator, researcher, coach and support in all things related to your medical and healthcare needs. I advocate for you and/or your loved ones. My allegiance is to the patient.

Theresa Steele

I work with business owners and their leadership teams to help them get what they want from their businesses. Please view my website to learn more.