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Cancer Detecting Clothing

The Wearable technology that images the human body for cancer and pneumonia.


InfoApp provides a "Personal Content Manager" to help businesses and individuals group information together to share with customers and/or team members. Solution is licensed to work for an individual and can be expanded across business teams.

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1 Million Cups Chico will be sitting in on Sacramento 1 Million Cups as we have to reschedule our planned presenter. So this week tune into what is going on in other parts of California and our other 1 Million Cups Partners. This week will have two presenters

The Tao Te Ching for Everyday Living
The Tao Te Ching for Everyday Living is a podcast for the Tao curious or for those who want to dive into this ancient Chinese book of Wisdom.

RevShopp's Shape Intelligence TM platform is the next generation of fit success for consumers and retailers. We bring shape to the fit equation while capturing consumer data that adds measurable value to the apparel supply chain.

Here is the link to the live stream